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Stellar 100 Portable Ventilator

Type: Portable Ventilator
Vendor: ResMed

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The Stellar series from ResMed offers 2 models of non-invasive ventilators with invasive capabilities. Designed for patients with changing ventilatory needs, the Stellar 100 and Stellar 150 devices utilise ResMed’s strong technological framework to deliver a comprehensive range of therapy modes.

Some of the key features of the Stellar 100 and Stellar 150 ventilators include -

  1. Large user-friendly display with real time waveforms data
  2. Inbuilt battery backup of upto 2 hours
  3. Maximum pressure settings of upto 40 cm H2O
  4. Invasive and Non-Invasive certified
  5. Includes additional oxygen inlet for connecting supplemental oxygen
  6. Optional additional probe for SPo2 and FiO2 monitoring can be added
  7. Inbuilt alarms and alerts for patient safety
  8. Pathology based mode settings available to choose from as per patient’s disease profile

Available modes include:

Stellar 100 - CPAP, S, T, ST, PAC
Stellar 150 - CPAP, S, T, ST, PAC, iVAPs with Auto EPAP and Intelligent Backup rate