We offer a range of the best Oxygen Concentrators from leading brands such as Philips Respironics. We provide both portable and stationary oxygen concentrators.
Everflo Oxygen Concentrator - Morpheus HealthcareEverflo Oxygen Concentrator - Morpheus Healthcare
Simply Go Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Morpheus HealthcareSimply Go Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Morpheus Healthcare
Oxy-med 5 liters Oxygen ConcentratorOxy-med 5 liters Oxygen Concentrator
Oxy-med 10 liters Oxygen ConcentratorOxy-med 10 liters Oxygen Concentrator
Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Morpheus HealthcareSimply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Morpheus Healthcare
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Asked Questions
What is Oxygen Concentrator?
An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from room air. It comes in different capacities measured in litres per minute.
How is Oxygen Concentrator is different from the Oxygen Concentrator cylinder?
An oxygen cylinder has compressed oxygen gas while a concentrator is an electrical device which concentrates the oxygen from room air. The cylinder needs to be refilled when empty while the concentrator has no such limitation.
How many hours can a concentrator be used for continuously?
It is recommended to provide a break after every 3-4 hour period. A concentrator should be used for a maximum of 12-16 hours in a 24 hr period. If your patient needs 24x7 oxygen, it is recommended to use two units in tandem.
Do I need a portable or stationary device?
Portable devices are battery-operated and can be used at home, outside, in a car as well as on an aircraft.
However if you need higher flow, or your usage is primarily in-home setting and for long hours, it is recommended to use a stationary device. 
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Shiv Thapa
I have a very good experience with Morpheus Healthcare, especially with Mr. Aprameya Rajput, He explained about the CPAP machine in detail, and finally, we bought the machine from him.
Kailash Sinha
It was a great experience connecting with Morpheus Healthcare during the pandemic when we needed the oxygen concentrator urgently and even after that whenever I had a question or needed some help they were always prompt to respond. Thanks so much... You people might not know but you are doing a great service.
Shweta Popli
I was very nervous to get the sleep apnea done.but here everything went off soo smoothly and the technician here Mr Sagar was totally supportive and tried to calm me in best possible way as i was nervous. The services provided are very good and if anyone with some issues should get it checked from here.
Ashok Kumar
I purchased Philips Portable Oxygen Concentrator ' Simply Go mini ' from Morpheus Healthcare about 3 months ago. It was a very pleasant experience dealing with Mr. Rajput and his staff. I am also very satisfied with the after-sales service and assistance being provided by them.