Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Philips Respironics
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Philips Respironics, a globally recognized leading manufacturer for Respiratory care, presents a sleek and compact Oxygen Concentrator to suit patient’s high portability needs. Weighing only 4.5 kg, the Philips Respironics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator comes with an easy carry on and trolley bag, making it the perfect companion for those advised oxygen therapy through the day, especially during physical movement or with an active lifestyle.

The SimplyGo concentrator has the unique feature of delivering oxygen on both, the standard continuous mode and the more efficiency optimized pulse-dose mode. The pulse-dose mode ensures oxygen is delivered only when the user actively inhales, thereby improving the efficiency and battery life of the oxygen concentrator. This concentrator delivers oxygen at a flow rate of upto 2 litres per minute on continuous and upto 6 litres per minute on pulse-dose mode, making it suitable for patients with low to medium flow oxygen.

With a legacy of over 40 years, Respironics continues to deliver on its promise of exceptional quality with the SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator, which is built to last with a sturdy compressor, durable exteriors and a robust battery that can last upto 3.5 hours (on 2 LPM pulse mode). Additionally, this Philips oxygen concentrator also has the distinctive feature of the Sleep Mode setting that like the pulse mode, detects when you inhale and then delivers oxygen. The added advantage of Sleep Mode is that it provides a delivery trigger that increases with a soft pulse for exceptional comfort during therapy. If the SimplyGo doesn’t detect a breath for a period of time, it automatically switches to continuous oxygen delivery mode with the last usd Continuous Flow mode setting.

Stringent testing procedures ensure that the SimplyGo can survive extreme impacts and temperatures. Unmatched in its safety protocols, the SimplyGo comes equipped with essential safety features including alarms that indicate high breath rate, low oxygen level, no breath detection, technical faults, low battery, and wrong battery.

With a convenient foldable wheeled trolley, a comfortable shoulder carrying case and a detachable accessory bag, Philips SimplyGo ensures that patients do not have to compromise on an active lifestyle for their oxygen therapy. Whether it is going to work, social gatherings or also for physical exercise, this Portable Oxygen concentrator is a trusted companion.

  • SimplyGo Unit
  • AC and DC adapter
  • Custom carrying case
  • Shoulder strap and handle strap
  • Wheeled trolley cart
  • Accessory bag
  • Nasal Cannula
  • User manual.


Philips Respironics


2 years


System technical fault, Wrong battery, Low battery, Depleted battery, High breath rate, Low oxygen purity, No breath, No flow.

Dimensions (HxWxD)

10” x 11.5” x 6”

Weight (Grams)



Continuous mode and Pulse mode

Power consumption


Noise level

43 dBA

Battery duration

Pulse dose at setting of 2: 7 Hours.

Continuous dose at setting of 1LPM: 4.6 Hours

Oxygen concentration

87 to 96% at all pulse/continuous settings.

Pulse flow range


Continuous flow range


Air travel approved