Our range of BiPAP machines includes the latest models from quality brands such as Philips Respironics & ResMed.
ResMed Aircurve 10 VAuto TripackResMed Aircurve 10 VAuto Tripack - Morpheus Healthcare India
ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP ST Tripack 4GLumis 150 VPAP ST - Morpheus Healthcare
ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP ST-A Tripack 4GLumis 150 VPAP ST - Morpheus Healthcare
DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS 31 AAM-AE - Morpheus Healthcare IndiaDreamStation BiPAP AVAPS 31 AAM-AE - Morpheus Healthcare India
ResMed Aircurve 10 VPAP ST CopackResMed Aircurve 10 VPAP ST Copack - Morpheus Healthcare India
Dreamstation Auto BiPAP - Morpheus Healthcare IndiaDreamstation Auto BiPAP - Morpheus Healthcare India
Dreamstation BiPAP AVAPS 25 - Morpheus Healthcare IndiaDreamstation BiPAP AVAPS 25 - Morpheus Healthcare India
ResFree R25 V BiPAP Machine with 2 years warrantybipap r25v resfree  back view
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BiPAP Machine
FAQ's about BiPAP Machines
What is BiPAP?
A BiPAP is a form of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) therapy used to facilitate breathing. Like other ventilators, BiPAP machines use pressure to push air into your lungs. 
What is the difference between CPAP & BiPAP?
A CPAP machine is recommended for patients who diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and provides one continuous pressure to keep airways open. A BiPAP machine has the functionality of BiLevel or 2 different pressure settings for inhalation and exhalation. It is recommended incase of more complexed forms of respiratory disorders or for those with higher pressure requirements.​
How will I know which BiPAP mode is suitable for me?​
BiPAP machines of different modes are required for different disease profiles or medical history. Further, the duration of your BiPAP requirement may also vary depending on your medical condition. The BiPAP mode suitable for your requirement is on prescribed by your physician, as per user’s medical history.​ If you are unsure, contact our medical team.
How do I know if my BiPAP therapy is working optimally?​
All BiPAP devices store data from each therapy session. Some devices record limited parameters like AHI, Usage Hours and Mask leakage while some others record graphical data and other clinical parameters. New age BiPAP show patient-friendly data on smartphones while wirelessly transmitting clinical data to providers for continuous monitoring and assistance.
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Nishant Singh
Morpheus healthcare provides the best products with timely delivery. After-sales service is exceptional. The best company for BiPAP machines.
Naina Rastogi
I ordered a BiPAP machine and I have to receive it on time, nice product, and the services are also too good. I highly recommend you to please visit Morpheus Healthcare at least once.
Krishna Sharma
Very responsive staff. Very helpful in case of urgent requirements. Well maintained and good staff. Highly recommended for BiPAP machines.
Suhana Sharma
We are glad to inform you we have purchased a ResMed Bipap machine from your company 2 years back. Your service is always prompt. Your guidance regarding machine accessories and product updates is also appreciable.
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