We are the authorized channel partners for leading global brands like Philips Respironics and ResMed. We offer a range of best CPAP machines with the latest comfort technologies for a good night’s sleep.
Dreamstation Auto CPAP - Morpheus HealthcareDreamstation Auto CPAP - Morpheus Healthcare
Airsense 10 Autoset Tripack 3GAirsense 10 Autoset Tripack 3G - Morpheus Healthcare
AirMini AutosetAirMini Autoset - Morpheus Healthcare
Airstart 10 Auto CPAP CopackAirstart 10 Auto CPAP  Copack - Morpheus Healthcare
ResFree R20A Auto CPAP Machinesleep elegant resfree r20 auto cpap machine
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FAQ's about CPAP Machines
What is CPAP?
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine or CPAP machine is a popular and widely accepted treatment option for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It provides air pressure to the airways via a mask, to keep the airways open during sleep. 
What are the types of CPAP masks?
There are three types of CPAP masks that are available. A nasal mask, which seals around the nose. A nasal pillow mask, which gently fit the nostrils and is designed for minimal contact on the face. A full face mask, which covers both the face and nose of the user. A full face mask is generally recommended for those with extremely high-pressure requirements or for those who breathe through both the nose and mouth.
How do I know if my CPAP therapy is working optimally?
All CPAP devices store data from each therapy session. Some devices record limited parameters like AHI, Usage Hours and Mask leakage while some others record graphical data and other parameters as well. New age CPAP show patient friendly data on smartphones while wirelessly transmitting clinical data to providers for continuous monitoring and assistance. These features help a user to assess if the device is working optimally.​
What is the purpose of adding a humidifier to my machine?​
Many users experience significant drying out of their nostrils, mouths, and throats during CPAP therapy. Humidification adds moisture to the air being blown into your airway. It enhances your comfort while completing your sleep therapy. Studies have shown that because user’s comfort levels are increased with added humidification, their compliance with the therapy also improves. If you are purchasing your first CPAP or do not normally use humidification, we strongly recommend adding a humidifier to your machine.
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Great service! Got my first CPAP machine from them, and had no issue at all. I had to contact them by phone for some questions and got a fast and helpful response. Received the package in the expected time in perfect condition.
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I found Morpheus Healthcare on the internet. I was really surprised by the clear information given by them without any strings attached. I received the CPAP Machine right on time without any hassle.
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Best & good service Rajput sir you are a good person with good behavior And your company having also good medical equipment. I am really so much happy and satisfied with you and your company Morpheus Healthcare.
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I ordered a CPAP machine in April. It was delivered promptly and a video call was arranged to help understand how to use the equipment.
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