Why there's a rise in cases of Insomnia in Delhi NCR?

Aug 26, 21

Why there's a rise in cases of Insomnia in Delhi NCR?

Are you from Delhi NCR and scratching your head about why you can’t ever get to sleep at night? Don’t stress, you are not alone. Delhi NCR residents are most worried about sleeplessness in the country. Work from home has blurred the line between where work day ends and personal life begins. There are thousands of people suffering from insomnia these days, and all you need to do is visit an Insomnia Specialist in Delhi. So, let’s start by discussing what insomnia Is.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that often affects millions of people around the world, only 35% of adults. Someone with insomnia has a hard time falling asleep or falling asleep at night. Adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep in any 24-hour period. Short-term insomnia can lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and other problems during the day. In the long term, it can increase the risk of various diseases. You can constantly wake up prematurely, which can lead to drowsiness and lethargy during the day, a general feeling of mental and physical discomfort, mood swings, irritability, and anxiety.

What are a few causes of Insomnia?

Common causes of insomnia are stress, irregular sleeping patterns, poor sleeping habits, mental disorders (such as anxiety and depression), illness and pain, medications, neurological problems and certain sleep disorders. For many people, the combination of these factors can cause insomnia and aggravate the condition.

Media technology in the bedroom

Sleep specialists suggest that using a device with a screen before going to bed may lead to insufficient sleep-in young people. These devices can also affect how adults sleep. Recreational use after lights out increases the risk of insomnia.

What are the causes of Insomnia in Teenagers?

It is estimated that as many as 23.8% of teenagers suffer from the disease. Biological changes force teenagers to fall asleep later, but due to the length of school time, they usually cannot fall asleep for a long time. Teenagers in Delhi-NCR are especially vulnerable to excessive schedules and pressure from school, work, and social activities (such as watching TV, scrolling through Social Media all night and talking to friends till late in the night). Teenagers also often use electronic devices, such as TV, Laptop and Mobile Phones, in their bedrooms. Each of these factors contributes to a high incidence of insomnia during adolescence in Delhi-NCR.

What are the causes of Insomnia in Elderly?

Insomnia happens in 30-48% of older adults, who regularly have specific struggles with sleep maintenance. As in people of more youthful age, stress, bodily ailments, intellectual fitness problems, and terrible sleep conduct can motive insomnia in the aged. However, aged people are frequently extra sensitive to those causes due to better degrees of chronic health conditions, social isolation, and an elevated use of more than one prescribed drug that can have an effect on sleep.

All these causes have led to an increase in large number of Insomnia cases in Delhi NCR lately. Do you feel that even you are doing all these, and you might have insomnia? Worry not, visit our sleep clinic in Delhi and an insomnia specialist will help you diagnose the problem and help you get sleep.

Diagnosing Insomnia


A sleep specialist can help diagnose and treat sleep problems. They may:
• Ask the person about their medical history, sleep patterns, and use of drugs and alcohol
• Do a physical examination
• Test for underlying conditions
• Request an overnight sleep test to record sleep patterns
• Suggest wearing a device that tracks movement and sleep-wake patterns.


The best approach that an insomnia specialist might suggest, will depend on the underlying cause and the type of insomnia, but some options include:
• counselling
• cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT
• prescription medications
• over-the-counter sleep aids, some of which are available for purchase online
• melatonin, which is also available for purchase online.