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Inspiratory Muscle Trainer - Threshold IMT

Rs. 2,500.00
Rs. 3,890.00 Rs. 2,500.00
Type: CPAP/BiPAP Accessory
Vendor: Philips Respironics

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Threshold IMT provides consistent and specific pressure for inspiratory muscle strength and endurance training, regardless of how quickly or slowly patients breathe. Exercises respiratory muscles and improves breathing.

  • Flow-independent one-way valve is suitable for all patients
  • Resistance training for strength and endurance
  • Threshold IMT improves exercise tolerance and respiratory muscle strength and endurance.
  • Works in any position for effective therapy
  • Adjustable pressure for all levels of training
  • Easy to set, truly adjustable pressure. Can be set in 2 cm H2O increments.
  • Constant pressure removes the need for a pressure indicator
  • Mouthpiece/mask option for flexibility
  • Convenient design is reliable and easy to clean
  • The Threshold IMT is made of durable, high-impact acrylic.