Best Diet Plan for Healthy Life

Apr 18, 22

Best Diet Plan for Healthy Life

Following a healthy and balanced diet plan in busy routine life is necessary for good health, wellness and keeping a body fit. This is the only thing that helps give energy and function to our body throughout the day. Research studies showed that consuming a high diet of fruits and vegetables in the daily meal lowers the chances of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

You can start with implementing small changes in eating habits in daily life that creates a long-lasting impact on health and the body. Try to adopt at least six of the following goals on your bucket list with a focused approach:- 

  1. Keep your plate colourful with various fruits & vegetables:- Use red, orange, & green- leafy vegetables and other high fibre vegetables in your daily diet or meals. Also, add fruits to your diet as a part of desserts or side dishes. The more colourful your plate is, the more vitamins, fibres and minerals you will get that help keep your body healthy & fit. 


  1. Use whole-grain food instead of refined grain food:- Consumption of whole-grain food lowers the risk of several diseases like blood pressure, heart-related, diabetes and others. For instance, use whole-wheat bread instead of white bread. Read the ingredients first and choose the items or products only that have been written like "whole wheat," "brown rice," "bulgur," "buckwheat," "oatmeal," "rolled oats," quinoa," or "wild rice."


  1. Use low-fat or fat-free milk:- Low-fat milk is good for health as it contains the same amount of calcium and other essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Also, it helps to reduce fat without losing calcium and keeps you healthy. 


  1. Include Protein Food in Your Diet:- It is a myth that protein is available in seafood, poultry and meat products. But you can also eat whole grain beans, nuts, seeds and dry fruits if you are vegetarian. 


  1. Try to Bake or Roast instead of Frying:- The way you prepare or cook food is the most important for a healthy life. The deep-fried cooking style is more harmful than baking or roasting as it can raise cholesterol and make more prone to heart diseases. So, it is better to adopt roasting or baking in your cooking style as it helps you to keep healthy & fit.


  1. Drink Water Instead of Sugary Drinks:- Replace Sugary Drinks with water as it helps to keep hydrated throughout the day. Also, it can cut out unnecessary calories from sugary drinks. To add flavour to the water, squeeze a lemon into it and put some fresh herbs like mint or basil. Also, studies have shown that drinking enough water helps in reducing weight and prompt weight maintenance. 


  1. Include Seafood in your diet:- Seafood consists of proteins, minerals, omega- 3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Adults try to consume eight ounces of seafood weekly while children can eat smaller portions. Salmon, tuna, and trout are fish varieties, while crabbing, mussels, and oysters are shellfish varieties that you can include in your diet schedule for a healthy lifestyle. 


  1. Reduce Solid Fats Items:- Try to reduce food items that contain solid fats such as pancakes, cookies, and other sweetened items (made with butter, margarine, or shortening), pizza, processed and fatty meats (such as sausages, bacon, hot dogs ribs); and ice cream. 


  1. Use Black Coffee instead of Milk Coffee:-Coffee is one of the most consuming beverages globally, which is considered healthy. It contains an antioxidants substance that reduces the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart-related. Drinking Black Coffee is a better option for a healthy life than milk coffee as it contains lots of sugar and calories, negating all of coffee's health benefits. 


Healthy Lifestyle Starts with Good Eating Habits-

Boost Your Fruit and Vegetable Consumption 

  • Include vegetables in your regular meals.


  • Try vegetarian tacos or black bean pasta for more plant-based protein instead of grain pasta. 


  • Add or eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible in your diet.


  • Canning fruit and vegetables should be water-packed instead of syrup-packed as it develops a habit to cut out high sodium level items from the diet.

Develop A Habit to Eat Healthy Snacks For Your Child 

  • Fruits and vegetables are perfect for your child's lunch: sliced apples, bananas, and carrot sticks. 


  • Snacking is essential for your child's health. 


  • The child should know the difference between an everyday snack like fruit and vegetables and a special one like cookies or sweets. 


  • Try to store cut-up fruits and vegetables like carrots, peppers, and orange slices in the refrigerator.


  • Get your week's meal preparation done on the weekend or a day off. 


Trim Calories, Fat, and Salt

  • Make a habit of cook food at home instead of going out for dinner. 


  • Find foods that are lower in sodium and read labels on packaged ingredients before consuming. 


  • Reduce the salt consumption in your food while cooking and use seasoning herbs like paprika, turmeric, black pepper, garlic or onion powder.

Control Portion Sizes

  • Don't empty your plate food if you are full, and try to use leftovers for the next day's breakfast or lunch. 


  • When serving or cooking food at home, use small size of plates.


  • How much individual eats depends on age, gender, and activity level of a person. 

Make a Habit of Healthy Eating in School

  • Get healthy snacks for celebrating birthday parties s and holiday celebrations rather than offering sugary treats.


  • Pack wholesome food in a lunchbox like fruits, veggies, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy products.



Completely changing your eating habits is overwhelming for you. So, try to start with implementing small changes mentioned above to make life better and healthier. 

Some of the tips mentioned above help add minerals or nutrients to your diet, while others help adopt a healthy cooking style pattern or use small plates for cooking. Together, they will help to create a positive impact and make your diet plan healthier and sustainable.