How to Design your Home for Good Sleep

Aug 13, 22

How to Design your Home for Good Sleep

Good Sleep is imperative for our body to perform at its optimal best. Sleep fulfils the functions of rest, repair and healing. Yet, we often underestimate the unmatchable benefits of a good night’s rest.

Have you ever wondered if your home is designed well for perfect sleep? Just a few simple changes to your home décor can make a huge impact on your sleep quality.

Here’s a few tips to create the perfect sleep sanctuary in your home –

Lights play a very important role in regulating melatonin, or the sleep hormone, in our body. Its recommended to switch off any bright lights 1-2 hours before bedtime to allow our body to get mentally prepared for sleep. Make sure to have soft, dim lighting in your bedroom at night and keep all the bright lights switched off.

You can also install smart lighting systems, which allow you to switch on the blue light filter mode. Switch on the blue light filter 3 hours before sleep to improve melatonin production. This will boost your sleep quality remarkably. You can even sync your smart light settings with your sleep time to enjoy the benefit of soft, blue-light filtered, dim light before bedtime.


For your bedroom, choose blackout curtains which ensure complete blockage of any outside light inside your room. Creating a dark room will help in improving your sleep quality.

Make sure to open your curtains as soon as you wake up in the morning. The body needs sunlight to become alert when you wake up.

For other rooms in your house, such as the living room, where you spend time during the day we recommend keeping sheer curtains which allow natural light to come. Areas where you spend time during the day hours should be well lit and bright with big windows for sunlight exposure.


All your bedding including mattresses, pillows, bedsheets and quilts capture your body heat while you sleep. Sometimes, if it gets too hot during sleep one tends to wake up thereby disturbing their sleep. To avoid this, we recommend using bedding made with natural and breathable fabrics. Choose your bedding according to the season – cooling fabrics like cotton for summer and comforting warm fabrics like silk and wool are suited for winters.

Nowadays, even mattresses with temperature control mechanism are available for even more comfortable experience. If you are someone who moves a lot in bed and fidgets through the night, then you can also opt for a weighted blanked for added support. A weighted blanket adds extra weight on your body and create a snug comforting sleep atmosphere.


Certain aromas help in calming the mind and relax your body before sleep. Some soothing fragrances known to boost sleep include Lavender and Frankincense among others. You can create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom with the help of aroma diffusers or scented candles. There are also specialised sleep mists and sprays available to apply on your nightwear and bedding before sleep. This is a good suggestion for anyone who finds it difficult to fall asleep on time.

Electronic Free Zone:

One simple trick to improve your sleep quality is to keep your Television outside the bedroom. You should associate your bedroom primarily with sleeping only. Make your bedroom free of any distracting electronics such as TV, laptop or even scrolling on your mobile phone. Make sure to keep your phone on silent and place it away from your bed.


Simple things like the noises from outside the house, or even a loud AC motor could be seriously affecting your sleep quality. Try to minimize any distracting noises in your surrounding for a comfortable experience. On the other hand, there are certain sounds that actually help in better sleep. You can opt for a white noise or pink noise generator to help you fall asleep. Even soft and low volume calming music before bedtime helps to focus and prepare your body for sleep.


Varying room temperature through the different seasons can impact your sleep quality in a bad way. It’s important to ensure that you maintain a consistent temperature inside your bedroom across all weather conditions. For most people, setting the AC temperature between 18-21 degree helps boost sleep quality. Even in winters don’t overheat the room with your heater and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Air Purifier:

Pollution is an increasing issue in our times. If your city is also filled with high air pollutants, then you may install an air purifier in your bedroom. The purifier reduces any allergens or lung irritants in the environment. This ensures a more comfortable sleep without any breathing disturbances.