Drive DeVilbiss HbO 3000 Pulse Oximeter
Drive DeVilbiss HbO 3000 Pulse OximeterDrive DeVilbiss HbO 3000 Pulse Oximeter
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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare's HbO-3000 fingertip pulse oximeter is quick and easy to use. The user simply needs to place their fingertip in the socket to get their oxygen saturation and pulse readings within seconds.

The display on this pulse oximeter is equipped with a technically advanced ‘organic’ LED or OLED screen for a smooth and clear display view. The screen on the DeVilbiss Pulse Oximeter has six different directional screen display modes and five levels of brightness.

The pulse oximeter has an auto-power off feature and the device instantly switches of automatically on finger removal, thereby also improving battery efficiency. A feature unique to the Drive HbO-3000 pulse oximeter is the perfusion index indicator which helps in assessing proper positioning of the pulse oximeter and the accuracy of the readings.

The DeVilbiss Pulse Oximeter has audible alarms to indicate low saturation levels and alert the user. This device functions on 2 AAA batteries which are included in the box. A lanyard is also provided along with the device for easily attaching or hanging the pulse oximeter anywhere.

Use the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter to measure oxygen saturation levels while setting the flow meter levels on your Oxygen Concentrator.


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