Review of ResMed AirMini Auto CPAP

The next best thing in Auto CPAP Therapy is here! AirMini by ResMed, touted as the world’s smallest and lightest Auto CPAP machine hit the global market in early 2017.  Weighing less than just 300gms, this power-packed Auto CPAP machine can literally fit in the palm of your hand. For an Auto CPAP this compact, the ResMed AirMini is surprisingly powerful and comes packed with a host of unique features including smartphone compatibility and waterless humidification.

Given its revolutionary design and incredible specs, we were keen to test out this innovative Auto CPAP machine by ResMed and see how it fares in comparison to its peers. After countless hours of testing, user stories and detailed usage reports analysis, our verdict on the ResMed AirMini is out.

  • Device Design: With a study, alloy body the AirMini scores high on durability quotient. Its white colour is aesthetically appealing and blends in perfectly with the user’s surroundings. The simplistic design with only two buttons, one for power and the other for Bluetooth, make the AirMini extremely user-friendly and convenient. The device filter is slotted neatly on the side and is easy to remove or change. With a strong focus on easy mobility, the device is ergonomically shaped and can be easily held in your hand.
  • Software and Data Reporting: Designed for the evolving technical landscape, the ResMed AirMini is accompanied with mobile applications for both iOS and Android. This unique smartphone compatibility makes ongoing therapy monitoring extremely easy to track. The AirMini App gives user a daily therapy performance score out of 100, with enhanced indicators on air pressure, AHI and mask leakage. Additionally, the AirMini app also has educational videos and setup guides to train on mask use and application.
  • Performance: With the advent of Active Air technology providing superior control of flow, the ResMed AirMini has shown great results for management of OSA. Just like the ResMed Airsense 10, the device has inbuilt features of Smart Start, Smart Stop, EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief), Auto Ramp and Soft/Standard comfort response. The device also boasts of its dedicated Autoset for Her mode designed for women users. Proprietary algorithm of ResMed allows for complete correction of Obstructive Apneas and active detection of Central Apneas and flow resistance.
  • Accessories: The ResMed AirMini comes with the unique benefit of a high degree of customization through the wide variety of complementary accessories designed by ResMed. The user has the flexibility to choose from 3 different kinds of masks with availability of an exclusive Airfit P10 for Airmini and specialised AirMini setup packs for the AirFit N20 nasal and the Airfit F20 full face masks. The Airmini’s unique waterless humidification is facilitated through the HumidX or the more adept HumidX Plus filters to choose from. ResMed has also designed specialised accessories to enhance AirMini protection and travel convenience including the AirMini mount, Travel bag and Hard-Case.
  • Sound: This is a crucial factor while choosing your CPAP machine as it directly affects sleep. The ResMed AirMini Is certainly one of the quieter Auto CPAP machines currenltly available in the market. However, in comparison to ResMed counterparts like Airsense 10 and Escape Auto, the sound on the AirMini is marginally higher. That said, it doesn’t hinder the user’s sleep as is the case with most standard CPAP machines.
  • Price: At a retail price of Rs. 64000, the ResMed AirMini’s price is strategically positioned below ResMed’s flagship model Airsense 10 and above the older CPAP device, S9 Escape Auto. Considering its advanced tech features, high portability and feature packed, compact design the ResMed AirMini is phenomenally huge value for money. It is affordably priced in comparison to both - other premium Auto CPAP machines and the other specific “Travel CPAPs” available in the market. 



    Sleek, robust design


    Elevated noise especially with pillows mask

    Lightweight and portable


    Compatible only with three ResMed masks

    Bluetooth based smartphone connectivity


    Humid X filters need to be replaced every 30 days

    Easy to Monitor Therapy reports


    Waterless humidification



    Dedicated mode for women



    Perfect for both daily use and travel



    It’s compact size, effective performance and solid exteriors make this device a must-have for all
    users who settle for nothing but the best, when it comes to their CPAP therapy. This is a
    brilliant device for those hands-on CPAP users, who want to frequently monitor their progress
    on the AirMini app. The ResMed AirMini is also the perfect first choice for those who’ve always
    been overwhelmed by the size of CPAP devices and have been reluctant to use them. Needless
    to say, frequent travellers will find this Auto CPAP machine a boon.

    To sum up the ResMed AirMini experience, we’d like to say - flaunt it like a gadget, use it like a
    device. Changing perception and inhibitions in mind of sleep apnea sufferers and increasing
    acceptance to therapy.

    Rating 9/10