Customize your ResMed AirMini – Choose the Right Accessories

By Aprameya Rajput Jan 20, 18

The latest innovation from ResMed Australia, the AirMini is a super compact and incredibly powerful Auto CPAP. Launched in early 2017, this machine has been receiving great feedback from Physicians and users alike. For those looking to learn more about this device and its technical specs, you can check out the product information section. We also recently reviewed the ResMed AirMini Auto CPAP for the benefit of our users, and here’s our verdict on this ground-breaking device.

While it’s compact size and effective therapy capabilities make this Auto CPAP a winner, another extremely useful aspect of the ResMed AirMini is the freedom to tailor your device according to your unique needs. The AirMini device comes only with a power adapter and a travel pouch. However, to ensure complete control over your therapy, ResMed has come up with a host of complementary accessories including filters, mounts, bags and a lot more. To get the most out of your device, it is imperative to pair your device with the right accessories. We have put together a breakdown of all accessories to make this choice easier for you.


The AirMini is compatible with only three ResMed masks.

  • AirFit N20 Nasal Mask - A premium nasal mask, the Airfit N20 covers only the nose and is perfect for those who are comfortable using nasal masks with their CPAP. Choose this mask along with an N20 Mask Setup Pack to make it compatible with your AirMini device. The setup pack consists of AirMini Hose Pipe, 1 HumidX Filter, 1 HumidX Plus Filter and N20 Mask Connector.
  • P10 for AirMini Mask Pack – Nasal pillow masks are extremely user-friendly and comfortable given their minimal contact design. The Airfit P10 for AirMini Mask Pack is perfect for admirers of the nasal pillow mask. This mask pack contains the modified version of Airfit P10 Mask, exclusively tailored for your AirMini device. It also includes AirMini Hose Pipe, 1 HumidX Filter, and 1 Humid X Plus Filer.
  • AirFit F20 Full Face Mask - The least obvious choice with the AirMini, this full face mask is best suited for users who routinely breathe through their mouth. The mask needs to be paired with the F20 Mask Setup Pack to make it compatible with the AirMini device. F20 Mask is not compatible with the HumidX technology and hence the pack includes only the hosepipe and the mask connector.

Bags and Cases:

It’s compact size make the ResMed AirMini a perfect travel companion for CPAP users. With this in mind, ResMed has introduced a range of bags and cases for the AirMini Auto CPAP.

  • Premium Travel Bag - A sleek companion for your AirMini device, the premium bag is adequately designed to house the device and all essential accessories with the AirMini. Marginally larger than your toiletries kit, this bag can snugly fit in your carry-on luggage for a hassle-free travel. The compartmentalization has been thoughtfully done and the modern chic design makes the Premium Travel Bag a favourite amongst users.
  • Hard Case - Users who are cautious about their device safety, especially during travels, can consider purchasing this accessory for extra protection. The standard travel pouch which comes in with the ResMed AirMini can easily store the hose pipe and mask, whilst the AirMini hard case can be used as a solid armor for your device.

Humid X Filters:

A unique innovation by ResMed, the HumidX Filters provide waterless humidification with the device. These filters come in two variants, the standard Humid X Filter providing limited humidification and the more adept Humid X Plus Filter for those requiring extra humidification. The humid X filters get slotted in between the hosepipe and the mask connectors and need to be replaced only after 30 days of opening. You can buy these filters as individual units or also in bundles of 3 pack and 6 pack too.

Air Mini Mount:

The compact and lightweight design of the AirMini makes it susceptible to fall and damage in-case of sudden turns and movements made by the user during sleep. To combat this, ResMed has introduced an extremely cost-effective solution, the AirMini wall mount. It is certainly one of the most useful and handy accessories to put you at ease regarding your device’s safety. The mount can be used to stack the device against a side table or drawer or on the side of your bed by stowing the long band under the mattress.

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